About crepes and crepe maker

Crepes are very thin pancakes and there is no big difference between the two. So whether you are a traditional pancake lover or a crepe fan you should definitely consider getting a crepe maker. Getting a crepe maker will help you spice up your breakfast or make your customers happy. This is a full review of what you should be looking for in crepe makers.

What should you look for in Crepe Makers?

There are three main aspects you should be looking for when purchasing a crepe-maker and these include:

  • Type-this is the most important thing when looking for a crepe-maker and since there are various models you should be careful before you make a choice. There are two main types of crepe makers; electric crepe makers and non-electric crepe pan makers.

  • Versatility-nothing is more interesting than having a kitchen appliance that can be used for multiple purposes. Well, there are crepe makers that are meant specifically for crepe making while others can be used to cook other types of foods. So, to make things easier you should consider getting a crepe-maker that is versatile.

  • Size-you have to consider the surface area of the crepe-maker because it will produce crepes of the same size. If you are looking for a professional crepe maker you should go for a large product.

What type of Crepe Maker do you want?

If you like making lots of crepes or you own a pastry shop, you should get a crepe pan. Depending on the purpose of the pan you can choose among the three main types which are a normal crepe pan, an electric crepe maker and a cordless electric crepe pan. Crepe makers come in sizes ranging from 7.5 to 16 inches. To cook various types of foods using a crepe pan you should purchase one that ranges from 12 to 16 inches because this way it can accommodate other foods such as tortillas, pancakes or fried eggs. Here is a description of each type of crepe pan:

  • Normal crepe pans-these are non-electric thin and short pans that can be used to cook small golden crepes. These pans produce moderate heat that is enough to cook crepes within minutes. Crepe pans come as non-stick, enamelled cast-iron or cast-iron.

  • Cordless electric crepe makers
    Cordless crepe makers are known to produce the thinnest crepes and are ideal for people who don’t like flipping. They cook crepes evenly and this is thanks to how fast and even the pan comes to temperature. However, cordless electric crepe makers have lower temperatures than electric makers. Another added advantage of this type of crepe makers is that they have a non-stick surface.

  • Electric Crepe makers
    For someone who is looking for a professional crepe maker, this is the most suitable one. An electric crepe maker is perfect for making big crepes. With a non-stick surface and high temperature electric pans are easy-to-use and your crepes will be ready within a blink of an eye.

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